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Scott D.
Anaheim, CA

I have since had further work done by Ronnie and so has my wife. We couldn't be happier. He is a true professional and he is the one of the very few that I would trust to do work on me.

I also want to say that Mr. Kelly runs a very clean and professional shop. My cousin's wife had a small tattoo done on her foot and I think she said it best, "As a woman, I felt comfortable in the shop and will definitely be back."

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Collin C.
Burbank, CA

Ladies and Gentlemen,

Look no further, you have found your permanent tattooer. TOM CLARK is AWESOME!! In a state where tattoers are a dime a dozen he stands out from the crowd. Amazing work, can do any style you need. It's hard to find a tattoer that can master all styles. Great dude! You'll get some knowledge dropped on you when you get tattooed.

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Heidi E.
Fullerton, CA

I came in for my fourth tattoo, my first not from my original artist. The shop is really clean and nice. Steve did my tattoo, and I'm so happy he did! He looked at what I wanted, went back and drew it up and got his area ready, and a few minutes later I was in the chair and he started working. It was over before I knew it, and it came out so much better than I could have hoped! I love my tattoo, Steve did a fantastic job! It was professional, quick, and the price was extremely fair. I would recommend this shop to anyone!

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Cris B.
Huntington Beach, CA

Was referred to Old Tyme by a friend of mine who has had a lot done by Ronnie.

I called and set up my appointment with Ronnie and he asked me what I wanted to get. He pulled it up on the Internet immediately and had it ready when I got to the shop. When I arrived, Ronnie was set up and ready to go. I have been to places and the artist wasn't ready for me or was fiddling around. I appreciated this. Also, I left work a little late and Ronnie wasn't bothered. The tattoo only took 30 minutes. I have had smaller pieces take longer at other shops. I attribute Ronnie's excellent skills and experience to the short time it took to do the work. Once done we talked about after care and I talked to him about other pieces.

The entire experience was excellent. The shop is nice and clean. Pricing was excellent. Ronnie is an excellent, professional artist, and a great guy.

I will be back to get more work done!

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Charles P.
Fullerton, CA

Ronnie Osuna is the best. I have been tattooed by Ronnie three times. So has my sister and girlfriend. We are extremely happy. He's a very talented artist with abilities extending beyond tattooing. The shop is very clean and a great atmosphere. This Is the place and he is the man. You will not be disappointed. Thanks Ronnie ...

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Brandon H.
Fullerton, CA

Most people who pay any sort of attention will take notice that there are a plethora of tattoo establishments in their own general vicinity. Artists come in different shapes, size, and most importantly talents. Obviously when it comes to a tattoo shop, the business aspect comes into play, which unfortunately can often hinder quality work in favor of money and a quick turn around.

Olde Tyme Tattoo is no such place.

The crew at Olde Tyme Tattoo have the utmost in artistic integrity mixed in with a professional, safe, and accommodating environment. Having had much work done myself by the owner Mr. Jon Kelly, I can attest to the quality of artistic ability that is done. What really sets Olde Tyme apart is the atmosphere of creativity and camaraderie. You will never be without a laugh, a smile, and a new found knowledge of something. I have never walked out of the shop without a smile on my face to go along with some amazing artwork.

As their slogan states, Olde Tyme is "Fullerton's Finest." Truer words have never been spoken.

Get your art, your ideas, and your ambition on down to 2900 Brea Blvd. in Fullerton and come away with an experience you will never forget and long to enjoy the next time the ink bug strikes your fancy.

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